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9 Biggest Holiday Maker Mistakes

1. Not researching their destination properly.
This can include
Not checking the rainfall during the season they are planning to travel
Not checking the actual resort to make sure there is no building or maintenance going on at the time of travel.
Or simply not making sure there are no political or civil unreast issues in certain areas in or surrounding their holiday destination.

2. Not acquiring the correct travel documents.
This may include
Buying a counterfeit visa to gain entry to a country( we have heard from quite a few customers that bought non legitimate visas and were denied access especially to countries like USA who are extremely rigid about who gains access.

3. Booking with companies that don’t have your best interests at heart.
Make 100% certain that we give you all information relating to your destination from basic documentation to any medical recommendations you may need including vaccinations etc.
Make sure you know the local access procedures, some locations ensure you have ample funds to see you through the duration of your stay….These are crucial.

4. Not acquiring travel insurance or getting the wrong travel insurance.
Make sure you use a reputable experienced company/agent that can help you choose the right insurance to keep you and your family or group fully protected. Any slight mistake or oversight as innocent as it may be will mean the insurance company will NOT pay out in the case of anything unforeseen happening, and if this is a crucial health issue it becomes of the utmost importance.

5. Just because your passport is still in date today that doesn’t mean it’s legal for every journey.
Most journeys will require you to have 6 MONTHS validity FROM THE DAY YOU RETURN from your trip

6. Carrying too much CASH
In today’s marketplace there are so many alternatives to physical notes, from travellers cheques to top up credit cards all are far more secure than carrying pocketfuls of cash.
Ps….never wait until you get to the airport to change currency as the rates can be extortionate

7. Misunderstanding terms
All Inclusive does NOT mean you will definitely have your favourite tipple for free for 2 weeks. There are selected drinks free to you and your party….your Favourite brand may NOT be one of them.
Direct flights do NOT mean nonstop. You may fly to your destination VIA another hub/airport

8. Not getting involved with the locals
Take some time to get a language book or take a little time to learn a few local phrases and you will have A FAR better holiday experience no matter where you are travelling to.

9. Missing the Signs
Make sure the company or agent you book through is an accredited agent of one of the official governing bodies. EG ABTA?/IATA/ADVANTAGE/